Sunday, December 11, 2011


早点认错 早点解脱











我知道 我可以的

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Brand New Year! Hello 2011


A cleaner interface to kick start the new year! Sorry, I miss the train to write a flashback review on year 2010 not like I intend to do so though :p. but guess I am still on time to write a new year resolution. It’s the first working day of 2011. Everything seems smooth sailing for me so far but I guess it has been lidat for the last couple of months in 2010 so wee wee I am all cool people and probably a little too comfortable in the comfort zone opsss. Unlike most of the people who need to rush to the office, I work from home, and I am not too sure if I am ready to change that but most probably will this year. Before I got swing away by other stuff let’s start to draw out what are the exciting new year resolutions ahead awaiting for me this year!

To-do list:

  1. Achieve sales target this year 700k! $ is my best friend!
    apart from working hard, allah, jessus, Buddha.. please gimme all your blessing tenkiu /please

  2. Loss 10kg before CNY? Swimming or Gym? Hmm…
    it’s only 1 month before CNY, can I do it? My record was 14kg in one month.. guess I better start eating grass now.. moo~ /blur

  3. DSLR is on top of the list after I have got iPhone 4 last year!
    Photography is the new black! But the problem with me is that my hobby normally won’t last long..
    /sweat err.. so let’s hope that you won’t see me posting a dusty DSLR by the end of the year :D

  4. Read 10 books this year!
    I wonder if I have truly read 10 over the past 3 years, and yea.. if magazine counts I guess it’s a yes! :p

  5. Get myself a new blacky by second quarter!
    I have always wanted a blacky instead of a greyyie since 2 years ago.. thanks to you my dear, I think I am finally getting closer and closer to blacky now and hopefully blacky will be with us by 2nd quarter of the year :)

  6. Keep YOU ♥ and myself healthy!
    I promise to sleep early and cut down on my night outing.. err not like I have a lot but I kind a like my mid night yumcha session which turn me into a panda the next day.. so hey, no more tea after 12am during weekdays? /nobigdeal I can do it! Meanwhile, I’ll make sure u stay healthy too.. Don’t really have a plan yet but I’ll make sure that happen!


  1. GuangZhou, Bangkok, and Hong Kong!!!
    I didn’t get to go abroad last year, but guess what at least 3 trips are lined up in 2011! Can’t describe how happy I am anticipating it! :))

  2. Busier working life I suppose
    with Lo'real now under my servicing account, and hopefully mroe to come :) together with my emcee job, I can foresee that 2011 is gonna be quite a pack year for me. My booking for JAN and FEB is full and inquiry keep coming in till April. If everything goes well, I might even emcee in Thailand this year. Never thought that my emcee career will cross border.. please keep them coming.. I need all the $$$

Just hope that everything will go according to plan, and no big chaos this year for I am getting ready for another big thing in my life hopefully by early next year which should be sealed by this year end.

I am never a good planner though most people might mistaken me as one but I will make sure I plan well this time!

Till then, Happy 2011 peeps~!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia Boleh

"Malaysia Boleh!" was shouted loud and clear. If you could just mute your tv for a couple of seconds around 10:30pm tonight, that's probably what you would have heard around the neighborhood.

Yes, our boys lift up the cup in the enemy land, stated in the headline of the online news portal. A sign of the national football revival it said. Let us all soak in the joy of this triumph and put aside all the mess that happens in our country. Believe it or not, sports do unite this bolehland!

Malaysia Boleh!

P/S: 31/12/2010 is declared Public Holiday by the Prime Minister
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